Heiress of the Ruler

I miss you, Hyukjae

Posted on: January 6, 2012

Please Don’t Say MV (English subs + Romanization + Hangul) – by FIX featuring Eunhyuk


I’m really so sad. Last January 1, I didn’t see Eunhyuk when he arrived at NAIA with Siwon and Kyuhyun, I was there so early and waited for him til 2AM to no avail… I also missed him during their Kyochon CF shooting at Eastwood, I had to go to work that day… and didn’t send them off when they’re going back to Korea. I really regret that day, Jan. 2, 2012. And just yesterday, Ms. Happee Sy of PULP announced that there will be no SS4 Manila. That’s the only thing I looked forward this 2012.  And watching this MV, Eunhyuk is crying here, I feel like crying too… If only I can go overseas to watch SS4 and see you Hyukjae… I will miss you terribly. T__T


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