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breaking up

Posted on: February 1, 2012

I got this from tumblr, and while reading this, I felt myself tearing up… you think it’s funny, isn’t it? But no, somehow I can so relate to this…


Me: It’s okay, you’ll get over it soon, so stop crying.
Friend: You know nothing!
Friend: You didn’t fall in love yet so don’t tell me crap!
Me: What-
Friend: You never had a boyfriend yet so don’t you dare-
Me: I’m in love with a person who doesn’t even know I exist
Friend: St-
Me: Out of hundreds and thousands of people who admire him, I’m one of them.
Friend: Lis-
Me: I can only look at him from afar and if I want to see him I have to buy concert tickets or wait in the cold for a long time.
Me: Do you know what I have to get through in order to reach him, huh?
Me: The language barrier, the culture and our geographic locations. Do you know how difficult it is?
Me: So don’t tell me I know nothing. My heart’s already hurting as it is.

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