Heiress of the Ruler

Find your color :)

Posted on: February 22, 2012

I took this test a while ago, and I’m happy to see the results! This is so really me, EVERYTHING! kekeke… 🙂



Okay, let me tell you more about my results:

– Can be very influential if you want to be

Yes, I do believe in this one because most of the time when I say out my views, many people listen and they will agree with me hahaha 😉 I hope I can inspire a lot of people.

– Finishing a project may sometimes a challenge 

Sadly on my part, it is true because I have to prioritize some other things 😦 I have so many plans in my mind but I can’t accomplish them all… I have to consider everything before I work on it, and if all goes well then I will be able to finish it and I will make sure it is a successful one.

– You see good things in situations

Well, I hate bad vibes, so even if I’m stuck in a mess I’ll try to see the brighter side… being pessimistic is not really helpful, and with a positive outlook you will be able to find solutions to your problems.


If you want to know your color, check out this site:




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