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nbsb/ngsb- no boyfriend/girlfriend since birth

Posted on: August 30, 2012

I read this in PEx and quite interesting:


nbsb/ngsb- no boyfriend/girlfriend since birth

hi! im already turning 18 but til now i dont have either a boyfriend or suitor… am i just rushing things or im abnormal… need some comments here please… cant ask my siblings about it cause i know they’ll just think that im ma-L or anything.. thanx

after some replies, this:

I’m 30/m and a member of NGSB. I used to have the same delima before. I wanted to get married by 25, but things didn’t really work out that way. A female friend of mine would comment “Wala ka ngang GF may balak ka pa go get married”. At first I thought there was something wrong with me. I have alot of friends from different circles of society (A,B,C,D) and though I may not be strikingly handsome I do have my charms. Don’t get me wrong, I have (or at least tried) courtship alot of times. It’s just that I keep on coming into really weird circumtances like; breaking up before we even started (and just before I was planning to ask her out formally) the girl telling me she’s bisexual while we were on a “date” where she brought her “girlfrend” along (don’t ask me what was on her mind … I DON’T want to know)
the girls father being a STAR witness of the NBI and had to go into hiding (ok this may be a bit inflated, but they had to disappear because of something I forgot but know that I am not free to divulge … ) meeting the perfect girl on the perfect night … and that was it ( and I was willing to do the though-hell-or-highwater thing, but the one who led me to her got fired from work the next day and never came back )

And those are just the highlights … I’m pretty happy that they came out mostly as comedies rather than anything dramatic. Kung merong hari ng “Sablay” ako hari ng “Daplis”. Koonti na lang pwede na e.

After so and so episodes of “almost” relationships I decided to just hang around and enjoy the relationships I had as a man. To be called Kuya, to be a son, a friend, a best friend, to be “one-of-the-girls”, “priest”, the leader, kumpare, kainuman, sounding board, counsellor. On hindsight, I don’t think I would have been those people had I been married early … or had I a girlfriend early. (Ako kasi romantiko … I’d build my world around her.)

The more I think about my past “almost” relationships … I find that the last one is more “fit” to my personality than the last one. And I begin to discover the REAL things that I look for in a relationship. With all those girls in my life I began to form a picture of what the One person for me might be like … And its Awesome! When I got the picture of where my love life seemed to be leading me I started working on myself to be the person that One person deserves to be with.

A few more “almost” relationships later, I somethimes think that maybe I am supposed to live by myself; that maybe this is my lot in life to be this man who tries to help out in whatever capacity and not be attached. I’ve even thought of preisthood but the calling hasn’t been strong.

Now, you might think I’m this goody-goody guy who has never really been exposed to the world. I’ve slept on the floor, I’ve been too drunk to get up, I’ve been propositioned to at least twice in my life, but I still manage to be Mr. Nice Guy. Why? I guess partly it’s because of my “almost” relationships. Knowing that people like them in my life is enough to keep me on the light side.I still keep the friendships with most of them, even if I didn’t end up with any of them. I love them all. If they somehow stumble in life I have to heve the integrity to be able to help them up … just as most of them, the closest ones, have kept theirs.

Moral of the loooong short essay. Collegestudent, there’s a whole world in front of you, there are many kinds of relationships available to everyone, not just the BF/GF type. Improve on being you. Love yourself, be the best daughter, ate, group leader, student, artist, cook, dancer … whatever you can be. And when Mr. Right comes you’ll be right for him too.

PS. You might be asking yourself if I’ve given up on the notion of actually having a girlfriend. No, I haven’t. Having experienced the many roles of being a man has made me look forward to the others … to be a boyfiend, lover, husband, father, grandfather. With all the things God has shown me in my life I beleive He has something special in-store for me … like He has one for you.

then she replied:

hi!!! sobrang thank you for taking time to tell your side of the story… medyo mahirap at marami ka na ring napagdaanan ah… sobrang nakatulong *** advice mo… pero kasi alam ko **** may nagkkcrush sakin pero *** to the point na he will court me as in wala,,, naunahan pa ko ng younger sister ko… hehe… nagmamadali lang b ko? i cant still believe that you’re still single…. haaay… tc

Hey Collegestudent, I don’t think nagmamadali ka naman. I think everyone thinks the way you do now in some phase in their life. I think these days are meant so that you will learn know the value of having a loving relationship … with yourself, with everyone, with GOD not just your prospective BF. When you realize this you can then go in with improving your life.

Alam mo, yung mga friends ko na kasal na; most of them tell me that when the time came they instinctively knew that they we’re going to get married to the person they ended up with. They say it’s a very quiet and secured feeling. Kilig pero peaceful. Na parang sigurado ka because everything just seems to be right. I still have to know how that feels. But with all the things I’ve gone through, I can say that I already know what relationship is fit for me.

You know, alot of my friends also can’t believe that I’m still single. I don’t know what that means. I’m not expecting much though I am hoping that it means that the one for me is just around the corner.

Relax, life is great once you know what’s truly important.


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