Heiress of the Ruler

One time big time rant

Posted on: August 30, 2012

I posted this last May 23, 2011 on my Multiply account, because I’m so pissed of so-called “music lovers”… reposting this because Multiply will soon delete my post :/


Don’t get me wrong. I grew up in all kinds of music, classical or basagan ng tenga pa yan. Same with Tagalog or chungchangwokuala hai! lyrics pa yan. That’s how broad my musical taste is. So don’t fret if I support non-OPM songs. Of course I support and love OPM! Syempre, yan na nga lang yung naiintindihan ko eh, di nakaka-nosebleed. Walang papantay sa musika natin. Pero I believe a true music lover is open to all kinds of music, and know how to appreciate and respect it. So if I listen to other music such as KPOP, JPOP, MandoPop it doesn’t mean I lost my faith in OPM… And come on, ano ba pinagkaiba ng mga yan sa English songs na pinapakinggan din ninyo? Hindi naman OPM yun, di ba? Kung makadarag naman kayo ng tao dahil nakikinig ng kpop/jpop/mandopop eh kung sino kayong malinis dyan… tsk. Don’t be hypocrite people. Respect other’s music preferences. And don’t judge someone just because he’s listening to a non-Filipino music… it’s not like he’s betraying the country. Yes, as a Filipino, we should be patriotic and support our own, but I think it’s not bad to listen and be open to other music.

And for the record: I love OPM/English/Mandopop/Kpop/Jpop. I love them all because each has different musical styles… I hope people will learn to understand that.


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