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Quotes from Pictory

Posted on: August 30, 2012

Dear @Pictory:

“If something was meant to be, it is. If not, it wasn’t. Why pine for the illusions of the past? Love is a drug. Live free & happy!”

Think about the people missing from your life, and how you feel about them. What we remember — and what we forget — may reveal more about ourselves than about them. We have photos, letters, souvenirs, and fragments of memory, but our powerful imagination takes over from there: We color in the blanks. And that’s OK. Retouching old loves is a way of understanding what we want. It helps us find our way to new ones.

It’s impossible to know whether the experiences below are about infatuation, true love, lust, or something else entirely. But we can be sure that each of these contributors learned about life and themselves in the process.

Sometimes it’s best to leave the past in the past. Consider your moment — whether it was a summer or a year. You decide whether it’s better to confront, contemplate and dissect the reasons why, or just sit and smile over a glass of wine remembering the one that got away.

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