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Grabe, nakakaloka ka.

Puro mura ako habang pinapanood kita hahaha.

Shemps lang.

Sana ikaw na lang boyfriend ko XD

Ang swerte naman ng girlfriend mo at ng mapapangasawa mo :Q_



potanginalibognalibogakosau XD


October 24, 2012. Ngayon ang concert ng Big Bang sa SM MOA Arena…

Pero di ako manonood hehehe.

Walang pera eh. ^^;

2012 is not my fangirling year 😦

So ayun. Enjoy na lang sa lahat ng KPOP friends na manonood 🙂



Disclaimer by sy: I translated based on the lyrics listed by the website and to the best of my knowledge as at 11 Jan 2010. The actual lyrics might differ, hence, affecting the meaning.

Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni (Down With Love)
Singer: Jerry Yan

URL of Chinese Lyrics: http://www.5nd.com/geci/353726.htm
Credit of Chinese Lyrics: “????”??, http://www.5ND.com

VO (by Ella):

I believe one day…
I will definitely meet someone who knows how to “treasure” and who “truly cares for” me…
Regardless if I am pretty or not, he will always love me forever…

you dian zhuai
A little arrogant

you dian huai
A little naughty

ni de STYLE hen nan cai
Your style is really hard to decipher

bu tai fu he guan zhong de qi dai
It is not aligned with the audience’s expectation

OH ni sheng qi
Oh when you are angry

ni shua lai
When you act spoilt

zhen xing qing wu ren ti dai
Your natural real personality is irreplaceable

duo me bei ni wan zhong zi tai
I am blown away by your ever-changing looks

ni kan na bei ji de bai xue ai ai
Look, the gleaming white snow of the North Pole

dou jing yi bei ni hua kai
Has already melted because of you

ben liu de mei you zu ai
Emotions overflowing without reservations

xin qing di dang shi wei wo gan zou yin mai
You drove the gloominess away when I’m feeling down

liao yu le wo de xin tong
You healed my heartaches

yi wang guo qu shang hai
And made me forget the past hurt

OH nu hai
Oh girl

xi huan ni de hua qun bai
I love your flowy flowery skirt

tian mi gao bai bie jian wai
Please do not mind my sweet love confession for you

ni de xiao xiang chun feng zi yang pen zai
Your smile is like the warm breeze in Spring nourishing the tender shoots of love

zhi xiang nian zhe ni yi zhi ai
I just wish to stick with you and love you forever

OH nu hai
Oh girl

xi huan ni bai xue ai ai
I love your pureness and innocence

xiang he ni yi qi kan hai
I wish to enjoy the seaside scenery with you

lai zhe ni jiu xiang nan gao de xiao hai
Stick by your side like a “difficult” little child

zhi xiang dui ni sha sha yi lai
Just wish to rely on you forever, in my own silly ways

bu pian bu yi
Right on spot, right on timing

bu ji bu xu
Neither too fast nor too slow

ai shen de jian chuan qi wo ni
Cupid’s arrow has linked you and me together

xun xun mi mi
Searching around everywhere

pu shuo mi li
Yet mysteriously and surprisingly

zhen ai yuan lai jiu zai zhe li
Real love is actually here all along

xiang wei xiang yi
Depending and relying on each other

xiang zhi xiang xi
Mutual understanding and valuing each other

sha sha de jiu xiang lai zhe ni
Just wish to always stick by your side forever, in my own silly ways

bu yao huai yi
Please do not doubt

zhen ai wu di
Real love is invincible


Zhi Wei Ai Shang Ni
Ending Theme Song by S.H.E
(Lyrics: Lan Xiao Xie)
(Song: Yang Zi Pu)
(Arrangement: Lu Shao Chun)

Credit for Post: Baidu ELLA Forum (????ella??)

Artistes: S.H.E
Song Title: (Zhi Wei Ai Shang Ni) Only to Fall for You

ru guo shuo zhe shi jie bu gou wan mei bu gou hao
If this world is incomplete and imperfect

yi ding shi zai deng wo men
It must then be waiting for us

qin shou gei ta bian de mei hao (ai shang ni~)
To make it better ourselves (To fall for you~)

jiu xiang ai kan qi lai hui na me shao
Just like Love which seems so scarce

yi ding shi zai deng wo men (ai shang ni~)
It must then be waiting for us (To fall for you~)

yi qi yong gan xun zhao yi qi zhao dao
To be together, to search bravely, and eventually find it

yi pian pian luo ye wei kai chu ge hua yuan
Every falling leaf is waiting for a garden to blossom

shou qian shou ai guo zheng ge dong tian
Thus hand in hand, they braved through Winter

mei zhi hu die wei le fei wei le pian pian qi wu
Every butterfly is waiting to take to the sky and dance

xian zuo yi ge jian
Thus, they have to weave a cocoon first

zui mei hai an xian zong shi yao hen wan yan
The most scenic sea coast is often very winding

cai zu gou rang ren wang fan liu lian
Only then would one reminisce about its beauty

ni de shen bian yao bu shi bi tian bian hai yao yuan
If you were not further away than the sky and out of reach

yong qi ze me chu xian
How would my courage ever appear

dang ni zhong yu zou dao wo de mian qian
When you finally came right in front of me

wan zheng suo you de hua mian
The picture is thus completed

jiu suan ku la suan tian chang guo yi bian
Even if I had to taste the bitter sweetness before this

zhi sheng xi yue
Now only happiness will remain

zhi you wo liao jie zhe xing fu gan jue
Only I can understand this feeling of bliss

mei de zhi de qu fu chu yi qie
The beauty is worth giving everything I have, in pursue

neng gou yu jian ni ren shi ni xi huan ni ai shang ni
To be able to meet you, know you, like you and fall for you

gan xie wo mei yi di yan lei
I am grateful for every tear that I shed

zhi you ni ming bai wo you duo zhen gui
Only you can understand how precious I am

hao de zhi de ni wei wo gai bian
The perfection is worth you changing yourself for my sake

qing ni ji xu wen rou jiao huan wo can lan xiao rong yi tian yi tian
Please continue to be gentle, in exchange for my bright smiles, day after day

dao yong yuan na yi tian
Till eternity it will be for us

ru guo shuo zhe shi jie bu gou wan mei bu gou hao
If this world is incomplete and imperfect

yi ding shi zai deng wo men
It must then be waiting for us

qin shou gei ta bian de mei hao
To make it better ourselves

jiu xiang ai kan qi lai hui na me shao
Just like Love which seems so scarce

yi ding shi zai deng wo men
It must then be waiting for us

yi qi yong gan xun zhao yi qi zhao dao
To be together, to search bravely, and eventually find it

~~ End of Translation ~~

On the Spot: RPG: Metanoia Director-Writer Louie Suarez

Arlene Sy | Published: 2011-01-04 15:49:00


With only three days till the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival officially closes, Pinoys would do well to catch RPG: Metanoia, the first full-length Pinoy 3D animated feature.

RPG: Metanoia revolves around the story of Nico (voiced by child star Zaijan Jaranilla), a shy and clumsy boy who lives out his heroic fantasies in the gaming world of Metanoia, an online role-playing game (RPG). The film also features the voices of comedienne Eugene Domingo (who plays Nico’s mom), actor Aga Muhlach (Nico’s dad), and TV host Vhong Navarro (Cel, who owns the internet cafe frequented by Nico and his barkada).

A joint project between Ambient Media (Thaumatrope Animation) and Star Cinema, RPG: Metanoia proudly garnered four awards during the MMFF awards night last December 26; namely, 3rd Best Picture, Best Sound Recording (Ambient Media), Best Original Theme Song (“Kaya Mo”), and Quezon City’s Special Citation for Gender Sensitive Movie.

Made for Pinoys by Pinoys, the film has been praised by critics as “defying the typical storytelling formula used in [other entries]…capturing elements of Philippine society and culture, and for having endearing characters,” and some even saying they would put this up against even the best of Pixar movies.

Writer-director Louie Suarez answers SPOT.ph’s 20 questions on his animation team’s five-year journey of creating a fully imagined, faithfully Filipino film.

Was the full storyline of RPG: Metanoia conceived from the beginning or did it pan out as the development of the animation progressed?

We started out with the basic plot and we pretty much knew what we wanted to happen in the story from the get-go. Of course, as we went through pre-prod, new ideas started popping up, so some things were added, taken out and changed around. We also went through several drafts of the script and things got added, taken out and moved around in there too, but whenever these things happened, we always took a step back to make sure that the story remained true to our initial idea. The test was always to ask ourselves “Is this still the story we set out to do?” Only if the answer was yes, did we commit to a revision. It was a very organic process.

What were the major difficulties encountered by your team throughout the creation of the movie?

I guess we had trouble with the same things any other production would: time, budget, manpower and technology. We figured out a pretty sound game plan to deal with most of those even before we started. But if we had to choose one, it’s probably adjusting the whole production process to something that 26 people can manage (which I guess, also covers the other three problems as well). Everyone had to multi-task. Our modelers helped out in animation, texturing and lighting as soon as they were done with modeling duties. Animators helped out in modeling while waiting for shots to animate, and so on.  Any last minute requests that were asked of us were definitely difficult to deal with ’cause it totally choked up the production pipeline.

We encountered a lot more problems, and I mean a lot! It came at us from all sides! You remember that part in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, when a handful of people had to defend Helm’s Deep against 10,000 orcs? That’s what it felt like. One hand was shoving an orc down a wall while the other was busy keeping our heads from getting bashed in. We were always on our toes, doing on-the-fly problem solving and damage control virtually every single day for four years.

Conversely, what were your biggest victories?

Convincing people that RPG was a truly worthy undertaking was our first great victory. We’re really blessed to work for a company that believes in the same values we do. We told them we wanted to do something that would truly make a difference, and they said great, hop to it, we’re behind you all the way! Ambient Media is just awesome.

Just finishing the movie was monumental victory. It wasn’t easy, and it nearly killed us but we loved every single minute of it. All the craziness that we had to go through in between, just made the whole thing sweeter! I’m pretty sure God had a lot to do with it.

Keeping the story true to our original intention. After everything that we went through, after all the extra input that had to be processed into the movie, we’re really proud of the fact that it remained essentially unchanged. Everywhere we go, people kept encouraging us to stick to our guns, and that’s exactly what we did.

In terms of animation style and art direction, did your team go through more than one revision? Did the characters look very different when you started development?

The characters went through a lot of changes during pre-production. Though the lineup was pretty much the same as originally conceived, their looks went through an entire range of changes. Once the characters were locked down, everything else took its cue from there. They pretty much dictated the animation style and art direction.

How did you embark on character research and development? Were there real people who were sources of inspiration for the characters in the film?

All the lead characters were based on people I know. Nico was inspired by my real nephew, who at one point in his life was in pretty much the same situation as the character in the movie. I used my best friends from grade school as the template for Nico’s friends. Though some of their looks, characteristics and attitudes were adjusted for better storytelling, the group dynamic remained intact. More often than not, the script was driven by what the real person would probably say or do when faced with the same situation.

May was mostly inspired by my girlfriend Jenny who used to make her own jewelry and loves the color purple, which is evident in her avatar’s accessories. She also pushes me to do my best in the things I do just like May does for Nico in the movie.

How did you pick your voice actors?

When Star Cinema came on board, they provided us with their near endless lineup of stars. Most of them had to go through an audition to even be considered for the part. Of all the people in the cast, only Eugene Domingo was in our original wish list. The rest were a pleasant surprise, especially Aga Mulach who was really into his part as Nico’s dad.

Who’s your favorite character in the film?

Nico, of course. I like that fact that he’s essentially a good kid from start to finish. Sure he has his quirks and he made mistakes but those are things that everyone goes through at that age. People tell me I was a lot like him too.

The film is being compared to creations by industry giants like Pixar–but what edge does Pinoy animation have over their foreign counterparts?

Pixar is a household name when it comes to animation and with good reason! The technology and the art and the storytelling are married together so seamlessly that it’s easy to forget you’re watching a cartoon. You believe a rat can cook, monsters can be nice and toys can have a secret life we don’t know about. Their mastery of it all is what a lot of us in the field aspire for, but they’ve raised the bar so high that any comparison would be… painful. If we wasted a lot of our time trying to do what they do, we’d constantly be trying to play catch up.

So I’m not sure if we’re in any kind of position to establish or claim having any kind of edge over anyone really. What we have is a unique perspective about ourselves as Filipinos so we didn’t set out to be like Pixar or do the same things they do. We did our own thing and we just tried really, really hard to do the best we possibly can.

Why the title, RPG: Metanoia? Were there alternatives that you were choosing from?

Originally it was just going to be RPG because we figured it was pretty straight to the point. Metanoia means change or evolution, and in gaming terms, leveling up! It’s a theme that runs throughout the entire movie.

What was the inspiration for the design of the (in-game) world of Metanoia?

We created an entire backstory for the Metanoia 2.0 world to help us come up with the different places we wanted to feature in the movie. First, we supposed that in Metanoia 1.0, the world was overrun by crazy mechanical life forms (like the ones in the opening gambit) that tried to gain dominion over the human population. We then designed the locations in the various Metanoia servers based on the cultures of the characters we were featuring in each particular scene.

The local Metanoia server was inspired by Spanish colonial Philippines, particularly the walled city of Intramuros. We added hints of our hypothetical history by adding pipes, metal frames and giant statues that look like they were retroactively imposed upon some of the more prominent buildings.

The floating islands were inspired by more classic, side-scrolling video games where the main character would have to jump on platforms that would be floating in the air for no apparent reason. This area was supposed to be the site of the final battle between the mechanical overlords versus the humans in Metanoia 1.0 so you’ll see giant robot pieces jutting out of the ground. (We thought it would be cool if a new creature evolved that would actually thrive on eating the rotting metal, and that’s how we came up with the jigglie.)

What MMORPG games does your team (or you) play? And who kicks the most ass?

From a quick survey around the room: Aion, Ragnarok, Cabal, City of Heroes, Maple Story and World of Warcraft. I actually belong to the group who are more into RPGs like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age.

Although almost everyone in the team plays video games in some form or another, the ones who kick the most ass are probably the hardcore gamers like Douglas, Wyn, Noel and Daniel (who was the basis for the character of the same name in the movie). The one who used to play World of Warcraft stopped ’cause he said he needed to save up for his wedding.

How did you handle detractors who discouraged you from the beginning?

We created a one-minute test video as a proof of concept so our work can do the convincing for us. A lot of them only needed to see something tangible to be convinced. More popped up along the way, but we trudged on because we believed in the purpose of what we were doing, which was to create something better for the Filipino audience.

What was the experience of managing a small team of designers and animators like? How did you keep morale high and keep motivating your team to reach your deadlines and goals?

We’re really lucky to be working with the team we got. We’ve all been friends for years so the teamwork came naturally for us. The Thaumatrope team has become a family through the years, so coming to work feels a lot like coming home. We get our motivation from each other; when someone does something exceptional, the others are inspired to do better. What kept them going through it all was the desire to see the project come to fruition. These guys are Spartans; they see their battles to the end!

Based on initial sales and the number of people who’ve watched the film, is this project profitable or going to break even?

We knew it was going to be a hard climb and have been preparing for alternative sources of revenue for RPG. What was ultimately important was that we show that Filipinos are capable of creating original, intelligent, high-quality content that would inspire more people to do the same.

Now that you’ve paved the road, what should our designers, animators, the government and the film industry do to ensure that we continue to progress in the field of animation?

Support independent films! A lot of the really good stuff that have been coming out recently have been from independent productions, groups and individuals who have no ties to the ruling entertainment industry. They’ve been getting recognition abroad for their efforts while being totally ignored here. Support them! Help them advertise so that they have a fair shot at reaching a wider audience. Maybe waiting for government support isn’t the answer. They’ve got problems of their own. Don’t be afraid, take a risk, tell your stories and stick to your guns! They can’t ignore us forever!

Has there been any feedback from non-Filipino audiences on the film?

None yet.

Any other trivia or funny anecdotes we would be thrilled to know about?

You know that Japanese Ninja School Girl avatar that Mark’s been crazy about? Its user is actually a guy—which is pretty common in the online gaming world! We built the model and animated his scenes and everything, but we had to cut it out for length and pacing.

If you look closely, one of the posters in Nico and Cel’s room features characters we created for a fictitious TV show called METANOIA: THE ANIMATED SERIES. You can see better if you stay for the credits.

The names, which appear in Nico’s address book as he scrolls through it looking for his Dad’s name, belong to the members of the Thaumatrope Animation team.

That bridge in Nico’s town that was shown near the beginning of the movie actually exists. You can drive under it when you go to San Juan. Actually, his entire neighborhood was based on San Juan!

What would you advise aspiring young animators or creatives in general?

Go out and experience new things. The more you do, the more you can write or draw or animate about. Don’t rely on the Internet. Sure, it’s cool but you’ll be surprised to find out how much you’re missing. Be observant, study everything. Animation is 90 percent observation. Don’t be a hack. Animation is like studying to become a Jedi; it requires a lot of concentration and discipline. There are no shortcuts. Oh, and collect comics! Don’t download it or just buy the trade paperback. Half the experience is waiting for each issue every month. Trust me, it builds character!

We’re hoping this isn’t a one-time project… So, when is the next one coming out?

Everyone go out and see RPG again! Twice even! If things work out, the next one will be out before you know it.

Lots of people say RPG should have won Best Picture at the MMFF over all the other usual formula-driven entries—what can you say about this?

Wow! We’ve been reading a lot about that lately, and there are more popping up on the Internet everyday. People who have seen the movie are compelled to write about the experience, sending us notes of encouragement and thanks. A lot of those who’ve sent us posts and written reviews say watching RPG made them proud to be Filipino, and reading their reactions made us feel even prouder. Ang sarap basahin paulit-ulit! Honestly, sometimes we just can’t keep the tears from welling up. The feeling we get reading through tons of honest and heartfelt posts, we wouldn’t trade for a hundred awards!

What can you say about the same formulaic artista-based Pinoy movies continuing to succeed commercially instead of more original artistic concepts? Will Pinoy audiences ever be ready to know and appreciate the difference?

I guess it’s what the majority of us are used to seeing at the moment, but we’ve touched a lot of people with RPG, and a vast majority of them are kids. If we don’t let up, in a few years those kids will grow up to be part of a new generation of proud Pinoys who will know and appreciate the difference. There’s hope!

Will RPG be entered in international film fests?

Gee, we sure hope so.

I’m not a fan of the Primetime Bida drama “Princess and I” but this particular episode got my attention! I really love this scene… I can feel the heartbreak </3 at nakaka-LSS ang kanta ni Kiko aka Khalil Ramos dito. “Kung Ako Ba Siya” was originally sung by Piolo Pascual, but I like Khalil’s version hihihi. Pag nagkaroon ng autograph signing event for Princess and I’s OST at kakantahin ito ni Khalil, dadayuhin ko ito hehehe XD


This is the full version:

Khalil Ramos in Robinson’s Mall Novaliches


And yes, I made a translation of the song. I know I failed kekeke, so please bear with me. I just want to share this song to anyone.. 😉


Kung Ako Ba Siya

(If I Were Him)
Sung by Khalil Ramos
OST for Filipino drama “Princess and I”

Matagal ko nang itinatago
I’ve been hiding this for so long

Mga ngiti sa munti kong puso
The smiles inside my little heart

Batid kong alam mo nang umiibig sa ‘yo.
I know that you already knew that I loved you.

Bakit hindi mo pansin itong aking pagtingin
Why didn’t you notice my affection

Ba’t di mo ramdam ang tibok nitong dibdib
Why didn’t you feel my heart beat

Kaibigan lang pala ang tingin mo sa akin.
You only see me as your friend.

Kung ako ba siya, mapapansin mo?
If I were him, will you notice me?

Kung ako ba siya, mamahalin mo?
If I were him, will you love me?

Ano bang mayro’n siya na wala ako?
What does he have that I don’t?

Kung ako ba siya, iibigin mo?
If I were him, will you love me?

Masakit ko mang isipin
It may be heart-breaking to think

Mahirap mang tanggapin sa damdamin
It may be hard to accept it

Pag-ibig mo pala’y hindi sa akin.
That your love is not meant for me.

Ngunit anong gagawin ng puso
But what my heart can do

Sa ‘yo lang ibinigay ang pangako
I give only to you this promise

Patuloy nga namang aasa sa ‘yo, sinta
I will go on hoping for you, my love

Kung ako ba siya, mapapansin mo?
If I were him, will you notice me?

Kung ako ba siya, mamahalin mo?
If I were him, will you love me?

Ano bang mayro’n siya na wala ako?
What does he have that I don’t?

Kung ako ba siya, iibigin mo?
If I were him, will you love me?

Ikaw lamang ang inibig nang ganito
You’re the only one who I loved this much

Sabihin mo kung paano lalayo sa ‘yo.
Tell me how to go far away from you.

Kung ako ba siya, mapapansin mo?
If I were him, will you notice me?

Kung ako ba siya, mamahalin mo?
If I were him, will you love me?

Ano bang mayro’n siya na wala ako?
What does he have that I don’t?

Kung ako ba siya, iibigin mo?
If I were him, will you love me?

LADY GAGA WILL COME TO MANILA!!!!!!! ASDFJALMR’E;A’M;’V if Super Junior can’t come, at least I have something to look forward to… T___________T May 21, I can’t wait!!!! One of my 2012 dream concerts will finally come trueeeee!!!! \(^0^)/


Recently the issue of violence against a fangirl has emerged with much heat. The famous Hero-Jaejoong of TVXQ was caught inflicting verbal/physical offense, the proof recorded as a mp3 file and up online. However, there is a lot more to this issue than what was disclosed in the media. The Korean fans had known all along that someday, there would be hell to pay because of the PRIVATES. Who are the PRIVATES? Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

Below is the original version of the recording.
“Dispatch,” the broadcast company that published this recording, purposely cut out certain parts of the recording to make it sound like Jaejoong constantly swore and inflicted physical offenses to a innocent fan girl. When in truth, this is not what had happened. NOT AT ALL.

Violence is not acceptable and inexcusable in any kind of situation, but in this case, one needs to…

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